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Simply Balance Yoga Teacher, Health, Yoga Life Coach 

 Hi! I’m Natasha, I’m a certified Hatha & Trauma-informed restorative yoga teacher with 250hrs and a member of Yoga Alliance Professionals and  Yoga Life Coach based in Didcot.

I began my teacher training in January 2020  studying with Sweat Studios where I learned the fundamentals of Hatha Yoga.

Hatha combines physical movement with the breath connecting mind and body. Research has shown yoga helps to improve general wellness relieving the body from stress, supporting positive health habits aiding sleep, digestion and improving balance. Yoga is especially good if you have been sat down at a desk all day relieving low-back pain tension, helping to support and manage symptoms of osteoarthritis arthritis.  

( yoga postures ) and breathing techniques practice slowly with static postures. Restorative is supported postures held for a longer time invoking deep relaxation whilst aiding healing.

What is Yoga Life Coaching? Yoga Life Coaching incorporates Principles of Yoga to overcome limiting beliefs and traditional methods to identify with ourselves and understand our true purpose. Away from Yoga, I’m an actress and children’s author. 

As an actress, there can a lot of uncertainty with auditions and even putting pressure on ourselves to perform optimally Yoga is great for centring the mind and body. 

I teach Hatha, trauma restorative yoga with mindful breathing which offers relaxation and a healing space for anyone that has experienced trauma, depression, anxiety. 

Classes & Retreats

Weekly yoga classes online via zoom and in-person group and one to one classes.  I also teach one to one yoga for those who want a more personalised approach. 

 Yoga is a type of therapy creating curiosity with the movement of breath to bring sensations to the body encouraging healing with the mind-body connection. 

Restorative yoga postures with mindful breathing can offer relaxation and healing space for anyone that has experienced trauma, depression, anxiety. Yoga is a type of therapy to creating curiosity with the movement of breath to bring sensations to the body encouraging healing with the mind-body connection.

Our Classes

Weekly Classes

The 60-minute class focused around to relieve stress and anxiety online via soom. We start with short meditation practice and then breathwork. This class is suitable for all abilities. This class is combining the Hatha style of Yoga and restorative working through cardio postures of (asana) 

New class coming up : Alfred Drive Community Centre, Didcot 12pm

Please, advise if for any reason class is cancelled you will receive an extra class

Private Classes

I hold Private Classes on request.

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Come join our Simply Balance Yoga Community on our Facebook group for, Yoga tips on stress and anxiety, nutrition health and wellness and special guests in the health and wellness space sharing giving advice on goal setting, over coming emotional blocks and more!

Square breathing breath work

Such a blissful way to start the day! A lovely session with Natasha this morning… she’s well articulated and very encouraging in her teaching  ”

well other then Natashas amazing personality I recommend her training as she is engaging, calm and is really good at finding peoples limits and helping them advance beyond it. I especially like how Natasha gives audiences options when working on techniques to help benefit those more experienced and those starting out. Natasha also offers angel card readings as well which really helps centre people and gives them both a mental as well as physical benifit to training a truly great instructor

Matthew Leeson

I have recently started classes with Natasha via zoom. I have found them to be beneficial both on a physical and energetic level. Natasha is articulate in her description of each move and its benefits, as well as ensuring that we work within our body’s comfort zone. Natasha is a caring, patient teacher who maintains a steady flow throughout her classes. She manages to create a peaceful, fun and relaxing class that leaves you feeling zen and sets you up for the rest of your day .


Such a blissful way to start the day! A lovely session with Natasha this morning… she’s well articulate and very encouraging in her teaching. Will definitely tune in again soon.

Jenni Dunn

Introductory Class for £5

Introductory class £5 yoga class for complete beginners  come along for relaxation and increased vitality, Great for improving sleep, back problems, focus, self regulation 

In person class Hatha held Address Alfred Drive Community Centre Didcot 



Natasha is a fabulous yoga teacher – she’s very clear and patient, extremely knowledgeable and calm. I loved my sessions with her and found them challenging and fun. She also talked to me about wellness and nutrition, taking a very holistic approach to health and wellness which is valuable.

Jennifer Preston

I have recently been taking part in the various services that Natasha offers over the past couple of months and I have to say her support has been second to none, she is very kind, caring, extremely attentive to every person’s needs during group sessions that I have attended and having just completed a one to one session in which she created a safe space to talk and included various exercises that I found to be very effective.


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