How To Overcome Stress and Anxiety?

How To Overcome Stress and Anxiety? It can be hard to feel grounded when faced with uncertainty. When we experience stress our entire body shuts down triggering the fight or flight response releasing cortisol one of the primary stress hormone responses. This hormone often causes depression if levels are not managed within the body. From producing high levels of cortisol our body goes into a state of agitation increasing the likelihood of reaching for sugar treats to boost endorphins. What...

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How to Manage Hypertension? Hypertension or high blood pressure can easily increase the risk of stroke or heart attack. However, there are lifestyle changes that can help people with hypertension reduce the risks it brings. Having an active lifestyle and exercise can minimize the dangers of hypertension. Exercise does not only help lower blood pressure, but it also offers you more energy making you feel better and ease the stress away. Check out these simple exercises that you can incorporate...

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Initially, when I talk to people and tell them I teach Hatha and trauma-informed yoga it usually leads to curiosity. In most cases we would associate trauma with psychological therapies, trauma-informed yoga is a type of therapy for the body that is designed to be sensitive to the needs of participants who have experienced trauma-related symptoms. The intension of trauma-informed yoga is to create a safe space encouraging self-regulation and self-care. TRAUMA INFORMED YOGA EMPOWERS A PERSON TO...

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