Introductory class £5

  •  Yoga for complete beginners, simple yoga postures some challenging to improve hip flexors for balance promoting relaxation for an improvement of stress, anxiety and a restful nights sleep. 

Beginners Yoga Class

If you are new to yoga this class is a great introduction to yoga where we explore breathwork, meditation and yoga 


One to one Yoga & Trauma Healing 

One to one sessions is  a good way to focus on your own practice and used as type of therapy to support anxiety and depression.

Tailored classes according to needs as we work at your own pace.

Providing support and selfcare whilst helping to form a home practice

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Become A

Sign up for regular classes included £15 a month for all group classes, recorded yoga classes posted in the group to catch up. Nutrition tips, advice on stress and anxiety.

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Beginners Yoga class

10am – 11am

The 60-minute class focused around to relieve stress and anxiety. We start with short meditation practice and then breathwork. This class is suitable for all abilities. This class is combining the Hatha style of Yoga and Yin. working through cardio postures of (asana) We will go through modifications whilst in the postures for alternative options. This style of yoga works your entire body including aiding digestion and internal organs whilst stressing your fascia connective tissue to encourage relaxation.

Please, advise if for any reason class is cancelled you will receive an extra class


Yoga Relaxation ( Restorative) Zoom

10am – 11am

Come along for relaxation breath work decrease from stress working into our parasympathetic nervous system.

The postures are all passive and held for a longer time to invoke relaxation in the sessions we use bolsters, blocks, blankets to go deep into the connective tissue.

Take Your First Class for Free

Come along for a FREE 60 minute yoga class to decrease, stress, anxiety