Bring yoga to your work place.

Hi! I’m Natasha, I help with the mind body connection through health and wellness in an accessible way.

If you’re an employee and feel your company would benefit from Yoga in the work place or work in a health and well being role within your company you have come to the right place.

Yoga is a great way to increase  productivity in the work place whilst improving the health and well being of employees.

60-minute classes combine meditation, affirmations, Hatha, restorative yoga, affirmations, help to overcome limiting beliefs. We often don’t realize the effect thoughts have on our mind and body, affirmations help to reprogram the mind to think and feel more positively.  Hatha is a style of yoga which works through our cardiovascular system lowering cortisol levels our bodies typical stress response to aid relaxation, improving lower back pain.

Restorative uses props such as, blankets, cushions, aids healing to the nervous system other benefits include lowering blood pressure, digestion, improving back pain. 

Reduced stress and anxiety equates to a better productivity an improvement of mental clarity, mobility within the workplace. If  you would like to get in-touch to discuss further how yoga could help your employees.  You can reach me here :



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Who is Simply Balance

Simply Balance was founded by Natasha Rose Mills, yoga teacher, actress, children’s author, her mission is to make a difference through her practice to help people that have experienced mental health problems through mindfulness and yoga

How long is the practice?

Usually, the classes are 60 minutes consisting of meditation, breathwork, Hatha and Yin.

What Should I Bring?

For practice bring a non slip mat and a bottle of water to keep well hydrated 

What Should I Wear?

Wear clothing you can move freely in without restriction yoga pants, vest

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