How To Overcome Stress and Anxiety?

It can be hard to feel grounded when faced with uncertainty. When we experience stress our entire body shuts down triggering the fight or flight response releasing cortisol one of the primary stress hormone responses. This hormone often causes depression if levels are not managed within the body. From producing high levels of cortisol our body goes into a state of agitation increasing the likelihood of reaching for sugar treats to boost endorphins.

What Tools Can We Use To Decrease Stress?

Research has discovered Yoga combined with deep breathing with mindful body movement activates the parasympathetic nervous system

The following yoga practices are gentle and therapeutic

  1. Deep Breathing

Deep breathing can help bring the body back into balance

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit
  2. Sit upright to allow the breath to flow freely
  3. Begin by slowly exhaling all of the air out
  4. After gentle breath in for a count of 4
  5. At the bottom hold for a count of four and release for a count of

  1. Yoga

Yoga is considered a type of therapy and integrative medicine that brings physical and mental well-being with stress or overwhelm. Sometimes our blood pressure plays a part have a read of our other blog on decreasing hypertension

  1. Cat Cow

Known as Marjarasana helps to relieve stress whilst increasing spine flexibility

  1. Begin with coming onto all fours
  2. Place wrist underneath shoulders and knees underneath hips, toes pointing straight back
  3. Spread your fingers wide with the middle finger pointing forward
  4. Take a deep inhale drop your belly to the mat lift your head chest and tailback to the ceiling
  5. Exhale draw chin to chest tail bone under

One of my favourites is the cat pose, which focuses on stretching the lower spine supporting the muscles hips upper back and lungs whilst releasing our bodies natural ability to produce endorphins ( THE HAPPY HORMONE 🙂 ) This movement stimulates the lymphatic system to detoxify our body and improve immunity, from this, we gain more oxygen, not to mention yoga stretches the fascia tissue promoting relaxation for improved sleep.

Yoga brings calmness connecting the mind and body together

With consistent practise, we begin to feel more GROUNDED secure ( physically and mentally STRONGER and more CONFIDENT. If you are new to meditation maybe try guided meditations for centring the mind for beginners. My favourite one is The 20 minute centring exercise

Each time you begin your practice of yoga, breathing exercises you’ll begin to notice changes in the bodies response to stressful situations. You’ll start to slow the mind down and begin to listen to your( inner guidance. ) Why not try a yoga class Restorative yoga is one of the best for decreasing stress giving our body that much needed rest. Did you know rest is different to sleep? In scientific terms, rest has been described as increasing physical and mental well being which involves taking time out for a short period of time. Although sleep is beneficial rest does not require the same level. During sleep, your body is repairing from any stress or toxin accumulated during the day Sometimes you only need a certain amount of rest to slow down By introducing rest you can rest assured you’ll feel revitalised.

How Yoga Can Help To Decrease From Anxiety And Stress

Many years ago I was experiencing high levels of anxiety and depression, from introducing a regular practice I noticed a shift in my consciousness feeling aligned within myself discovering the benefits from experiencing my own challenges with mental health I wanted to share with others. Yoga establishes a sense of well being creating space to breathe.

Yoga And It’s Benefits

  1. Brings body back into to decrease stress
  2. Promotes relaxation for improved sleep
  3. Helps concentration
  4. Reduces minds ability to overthink
  5. Increases self-awareness
  6. Helps the body to a self-regulation
  7. Improves mental clarity and focus


Yoga helps to bring the body back into balance, therefore, decreasing stress whilst improving sleep patterns. Yogic exercises can be particularly helpful for improving concentration when out of the fight or flight response which can help us to build better awareness.

I hope this post has provided insight into understanding the benefits of yoga, meditation, breathwork. Why not book a class