One to one Yoga Classes

If you’d benefit for one to one support I offer a series of block classes.

One to one sessions are a great way to improve your health and wellness whilst gaining a better understanding of your body. After the first session I will tailor each class according to your needs taking into account any injuries or limitation’s, injuries you might have. 


  • Discuss any injuries or limitations 

  • Formulate a plan to reach your health wellness and desired goals

  • Yoga Styles Hatha/ restorative 

  • Breath work 


Typically the classes will be combined with Hatha and Yin to build on our strength and promote relaxation using restorative postures known as a Chinese medicine for the body.

Option to include breath work in the practice if desired to help regulate the body.  Breath work known as (Pranayama) is great for easing the mind out of stagnation strengthening connection between the mind and body. According science Pranayama helps to promote relaxation and supports physical and mental health as we connecting to the life force which is our breath Prana.  

If you would like to discuss how one to one sessions might help you, please contact me on email. 


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